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The world's first international startup providing online consulting services in the field of law, healthcare, travel and education

About the company

Capital Markets was founded in 2019 to provide round-the-clock remote support in 4 areas: tourism, medicine, education and law. We want to allow people to significantly save time and money by receiving advice on vital areas at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

How it works

All consultations are held in real time 24/7 without an appointment. The waiting time is no more than 3 minutes. In order to get specialist support:

1. Go to the official website of the Antares platform to the «Matrix profit team» section.

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2. Join the matrix table and get points in the ratio 1:1 * of the cost of membership in the matrix.

* For example, membership in the matrix table costs $ 50, which is equal to 50 points on Capital Markets.

3. Receive the data from the entrance to the personal account of Capital Markets and confirm the registration in Capital Markets in an email.

4. In personal account select the direction and topic of the consultation.

5. Pay for the consultation with the required sum of points.

6. Get a consultation of a specialist who will provide you all the necessary recommendations and answer all questions related to the direction.


Hello. I would like to know how to get a loan for a car? I am a citizen of Ireland.


Hello, one second. I will prepare you detailed instructions


Where to fly in the winter on vacation?


Now there are last-minute tours to Thailand or to the island of Bali. What dates can I see tickets for?


Is tonsillitis contagious?


Tonsillitis itself is not contagious. It is associated with inflammation of the tonsils. This is due to infection from a number of viruses or a certain type of bacteria called streptococcus.


I want to learn coding. What should i do first?


First, it’s better to start with HTML and CSS.

Company's mission

The main goal of Capital Markets is the introduction of information technology in the main areas of human life in order to save time and money. We associate customers with the best global experts to provide support regardless of location or time of day. Every day we improve the Capital Markets platform for faster and more convenient use of the service.

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Consultations on basic life
issues on a single service


24/7 support


Our consultants are
top-level specialists

Our Leaders

Service of online consultations Capital Markets was founded in 2009 by Duncan Middlehust, who wanted to make technology of consultations simple for people, namely, to combine consultations on vital issues on a single service. Together with three experts from different areas of activity, he decided to implement the plan. So, from 2009 to 2019, Capital Markets provided information for companies how to make consulting services. In 2019, Duncan Middlehast met Alex Richter, the founder of the Antares platform, and with the help of Antares, which provides opportunities to improve the service, the company decided to retrain for B2C. With gradual and confident steps, our team is moving towards its cherished goal. You can find more details about our leaders Duncan Middlehust, David Ward, Lewis Denne, Michael McGrady in the information below.

Duncan Middlehust

founder, 44 years
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    King’s Colledge London with an Upper Class Honours degree in Law.

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    Legal Practice Course at BPP University in London.

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    Experience at a Magic Circle law firm as well as having experience within the legal financial sector at international law firms, central and investment banks for 25 years.

David Ward

Co-founder, 53 years
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    Earned a degree in Public Communication from University of Vermont.

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    Has been traveling the globe for over 40 years.

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    Depth of knowledge and passion for tourism destinations.

Lewis Denne

Co-founder, 40 years
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    A non-profit with a mission of mentoring emerging leaders.

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    Worked at Edge Hill University in a variety of roles including.

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    Head of Initial Teacher Training Partnership, Validation and Standing Committee Chair and Secondary Undergraduate Year 3 Leader.

Michael McGrady

Co-founder, 42 years
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    Сardiologist and co-director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory in the Heart Institute at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

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    Oversees education of patients, medical students and residents in the field of pediatric cardiology as well fellow education in interventional cardiology.

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    A member of the heart failure and transplant team, cardiac palliative care team, and has a particular interest in single ventricle patient quality survival.


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Capital Markets has transferred the exclusive distribution rights of its products and services to the Antares advertising broker.

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